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Galaxy S7 Purple going Black

I didn't drop my phone. On Tuesday at 8AM my phone was fine and dandy. I went to work and did not access my phone again until 11:45 AM. At that time odd purple splotches had appeared on my phone but I could still read everything. Fast forward to my next break at 2:00 PM and the middle of my screen is beginning to turn dark purple along with the other splotches. 4:25 PM it is turning black for the most part and when I got off at 6:00 PM all was black except for a 2mm section in the bottom left corner. The phone is still active and will receive messages but the screen is just black. This phone is barely a year and a half old and I do not physically abuse it. Please help; I went full price on a quality phone for it to be the phone with the shortest lifespan of any that I have owned.


Re: Galaxy S7 Purple going Black

you need your screen replaced . Find a cellphone repair shop they can knock it out in one day allow 8 additional hours to dry. cost 110.00 approximately. New models even easier to obtain screens from warehouses. I have replaced my screen twice on my J7. buy screen protector film 3m whatever brand very important it will save you next time and use a good Schock resistant case otterbox ect.. amazon is the best place for cases lots of styles colors and manufactures . don't go too cheap on a case.