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Galaxy S7 and a Plethora of buggy Updates over a year

I have been using Samsung Galaxy S phones since 2013.
Two years back I had purchased a flagship Samsung device (Galaxy S7). It was a really fast and smooth device with a great camera. But in the last one year, a plethora of buggy software updates forced upon by AT&T, made that device extremely slow, thermally unstable, unusable performance and battery life rendering it practically unusable even after multiple factory resets and wiping cache clean. The only I use that device now is in the Max Power Save mode. 
This is not from an isolated experience. I have experienced the same with Samsung S4 and Samsung S8 (my wife's phone).
With that experience, I shall not invest in a Samsung flagship smartphone again, because I know for a fact, what the updates will do to the newest superfast flagship device in time.