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Galaxy S9 Plus bluetooth issues with Android auto

Hi, After any guidance to fix please. Have Galaxy s9 plus phone. Have been using Android Auto on both my car (wired connection) and daughters car (wireless connection), seems to work ok.

But in the past few weeks its been playing up.  My phone links to Android Auto. When I ask the car system to 'call people',  it rings and answers on my phone not the car. This is the same receiving incoming calls. To fix during the call, i have to press buttons to take it off bluetooth, to speaker ,and then back onto bluetooth and the sounds and microphone now works on the car. I have tried every conceivable setting possible on both Android Auto and the phone but i can't get it to work.

All apps and phone are up to date. Phones been turned on and off again. Bluetooth connection has been un paired and then re paired several times. Nothing seems to work. It's not the cars as other phones work, it's a setting on my phone...Can anyone shed some light. ta.


Re: Galaxy S9 Plus bluetooth issues with Android auto

You're correct its an feature of your device. when using Bluetooth features, especially multiple devices or connections. you can change the settings as to which will use media and calls. it seems like one vehicle is paired to use a specific feature so you are having to manually switch the features. try starting from scratch with the pairing process and set the phone to utilize both features in each vehicle but make sure it isn't connected to multiple devices at once or it'll make the decision for you... hope this helps...