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Galaxy s10 turns wifi off I can't turn it back on

(Topic created: 05-18-2022 05:12 PM)
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I have a galaxy s10 Plus, whenever I turn the wifi on it will load for about 5-15 seconds then turn itself off again

I looked in wifi control history: nothing

I restarted the phone: same issue

I restarted in safe mode: same issue

and yes, airplane mode is off

any ideas? I feel like I have tried everything

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you can try few things:

go to samsung members app > get help > diagnostics     and do some basic tests for the WiFi hardware, if it fails then there is a good chance that the hardware is defective and needs to be swapped. In such case, back up the phone because it could result in factory resetting the device depending on what parts are swapped, if the whole motherboard is swapped then... yea you'll pretty much have a 'new' phone.


Run Nice Catch to see if it can detect anything that is affecting the settings, such as 3rd party app or whatever.


Reproduce the issue then report to Samsung Members app > Get Help > Error Report    for help from samsung engineers