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Gallery images not showing up in SMS app unless reboot phone

Anyone else having any issues with trying to attach photos to an SMS?

This does not happen for a while after the phone has been rebooted, I should not have to reboot the phone every day.


I take a picture and then open the stock SMS app (I have tried the Google SMS App also and it happens there, and seems that sometimes happens in WhatsApp).

Immediately I try to attach it to an SMS

The Gallery appears but pic that I just took is a BLACK box.  I select it and it just sits there and the send button animates like it is attaching.  If I leave it for a while it will eventually attach.

I have to then reboot the phone and then there is no issue attaching that same photo.


This has been happening for a while.  All stock apps I am using.  I even formatted the phone and bought a brand new (name brand) micro sd card.  I do have images going to the SD card.  I have yet to try to have the pics save to the phone directly (for troubleshooting purposes only)