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Gmail Notifications Not Automatic

(Topic created: 04-22-2022 12:13 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

I'd like to know what to expect from my S10 phone regarding notifications for gmail.  I expect it to "wake up" and list on the screen any email that is sent to me, immediately, whether I keep the phone in my pocket or not or whether the screen is dark or not.  What is happening is that I'll look at my email in my Inbox, put my phone in my pocket, and then look again in about 30 mins.  In those 30 mins., email have come in but I wasn't notified and I am just see them AFTER I swipe the screen to refresh the Inbox.

Is that the way email works on this phone and that I should just manage my expectations or am I missing a whole world of instantly seeing emails.  For example, Bob sends me an email at 11:43am, I want to see to be notified that an email came at 11:43am and I want to look at my phone after taking it out of my pocket at 11:43am and see that new email in the Inbox without me having to swipe anything.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Galaxy S Phones
I have 4 S10E'S and NONE of them receive Gmail notifications until I activate my phone screens.
This is NOT a new issue and NOT specific to Samsung phones.
This is a known Gmail issue that Google has been aware of for a while now.
Just go out and read the reviews under the Gmail app on the Playstore.
Google does not seem to care about fixing the known issue but keeps spitting out the same response and instructions do not fix the issue.
I have placed my Gmail email address to the Samsung email app and instantly get all incoming emails within seconds of their receipt
user2MPnEM1tri it is NOT your phone not Samsung.
Good luck and I hope this helps.