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Group ringtones on S10e don't work

(Topic created on: 4/2/21 9:49 AM)
Galaxy S Phones

Through all my phones going back to the original Galaxy S ten years ago, I've had no trouble creating contact groups and seamlessly assigning a unique ringtone to each group. I recently acquired an S10e, and group ringtones don't seem to work consistently. I've  double-checked through both the Phone app and the Contacts app that the group ringtone settings are correct, but it seems to have no impact on whether the default ringtone or the group ringtone is used when a call comes through.

Anyone else had this problem? Am I missing something?

(As an aside, in previous phones the Phone and Contact apps used to be the same app accessed through different icons but with this phone they are completely different apps. I find that very annoying.)

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