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Horrific Customer Service

Please read if you're considering buying any Samsung product. 

I purchased a Galaxy S7 phone from Samsung about two years ago, and it was a good phone. A little under 18 months after the purchase (while still under warranty), I started experiencing battery issues. I talked to support, and they recommended that I bring it in to a store because it sounded like a software issue. I was unable to because I was at a rural college without a car, but once I got a chance to bring it in I did. The employee stated that he had never seen that problem before, so Samsung helpfully offered to allow me to send in the phone to their Texas repair center where it could be looked at and sent back to me. 

When I finally received the phone back, the back plate of the phone was poorly attached. Glue was hanging off the side and the top could be easily pulled off. To be clear, I sent it back in perfect condition except for the battery (which they said would be impossible to fix). So after a couple of weeks of arguing with Samsung about whether or not they broke my phone, I was finally approved for a replacement. So I sent my phone back in, and receieved a replacement one. When I attempted to turn it on, I learned that the screen was broken. Eventually, Samsung accepted that they had indeed sent me a broken phone again, and agreed to return it. Finally, after a process that took over four months, I was back to where I started with a Galaxy S7 with a bad battery because of a software issue that was never addressed. 

But that's where the story gets good. So, obviously, I was incredibly disappointed with Samsung and asked for compensation for the not one, but two different broken phones they sent me in addition to the truly horrific customer service and hours on hold. I was initially informed that I would likely be able to get an upgraded phone, an offer that was quickly walked back until it was a $50 e-giftcard. 

I was promised that, and supposedly approved, in mid-April. 

Since then, I have talked to Samsung support multiple times. On the live chat, I was redirected six times within a single conversation, often to the same people. On the phone, I was told my case would be flagged with the highest priority and would receive email updates and a call back. I receieved neither any of the times that they were promised. When I spoke to case management, I was informed that Samsung can no longer offer e-giftcards. That claim turned out to be a blatant lie, according to other employees I have talked to. And, of course, not a single employee has ever given me written confirmation that I have been approved for compensation. 

Samsung broke my phone, attempted to replace it with a broken phone, has refused to make right its egreious service, and is actively trying to scam me out of compensation that I was promised through underhanded tactics. This is service bordering on criminal.

I do not intend on ever purchasing another Samsung product. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Horrific Customer Service

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