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How can I add words to the voice text thing? (S9)

(Topic created: 09-14-2023 02:19 AM)
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How can I add words to the voice text thing?

I even tried adding a 3rd party voice to text app but when I try to use it, it says here is already a voice app running. Which I disabled/turned off and got the same msg. The Samsung voice to text is okay but it frequently gets words wrong and I can't add words to the dictionary. 


Thank you.

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Adding words to the dictionary for voice-to-text recognition on Samsung Galaxy phones can be helpful for improving accuracy. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Open Settings: Navigate to the "Settings" app on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

  2. Language and Input: Scroll down and tap on "General management" or "System" (depending on your Android version) and then select "Language and input."

  3. On-Screen Keyboard: Tap on "On-screen keyboard," and you should see a list of keyboards installed on your device.

  4. Samsung Keyboard Settings: Tap on "Samsung Keyboard" (or the default keyboard you're using) to access its settings.

  5. Text Shortcuts: Look for an option called "Text shortcuts" or "Predictive text."

  6. Add Words: In this section, you should find an option to add words to the dictionary. It may be called "Personal dictionary," "My words," or something similar.

  7. Add New Words: Tap on this option, and you can manually add words that you commonly use but aren't recognized by the voice-to-text feature.

Once you've added these words, the voice-to-text feature should recognize them more accurately when you speak.

If you encounter issues with third-party voice-to-text apps conflicting with the Samsung voice input, try the following:

  1. Clear Defaults: Go to "Settings" > "Apps" > "Voice input" and clear any defaults you've set for third-party voice-to-text apps. This should allow you to use the Samsung voice input without conflicts.

  2. Disable Third-Party Apps: Temporarily disable or uninstall any third-party voice-to-text apps that are causing conflicts. Afterward, you can enable them again if you prefer using them for specific tasks.

By following these steps, you should be able to add words to your Samsung Galaxy phone's voice-to-text dictionary and improve the accuracy of the voice recognition feature.