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How to: Basic troubleshooting guide

I thought to write up a general troubleshooting guide. Before you post about your problem or issue maybe this guide can help you solve the problem.  At least you have taken these steps and can provide the results of your troubleshooting as you post about the issue. 


If you are encountering Battery issues, Apps closing/crashing abnormally, sluggish performance, Unresponsiveness, etc.. these steps may or may not solve the issue but you should do these just to make sure the basics are covered. 


  1. All Apps are up to date? You have 2 places that you need to look. Google Play store and Galaxy app store. Go to both and check My Apps. Make sure there is no app that needs updating. 
  2. Is your phone OS up to date? Go to Settings, About phone and check for software update. Make sure you have the latest phone software. 
  3. Clear phone cache. Instructions are here.
  4. Clear Application cache and sometime Application data. Instructions are here.
  5. Restart your phone in Safe mode. This is just to help you isolate the issue if it is caused by 3rd part apps. Instructions are here.


I hope this helps

Superman on Galaxy S7 SM-G930T, T-Mobile, Baseband:G930TUVY3APIA
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Re: How to: Basic troubleshooting guide

Yes I have tried everything listed including a factory reset and not restoring any of my apps.... I'm so aggravated!!! Thank you for the help though.


Re: How to: Basic troubleshooting guide

I am loyal to the brand and have had Galaxy S2, S3, Note 3, Note 4 Edge, Edge + S6 and S7 Edge now. I had never had a cell to present so many problems of coverage. I can hardly make calls. T-Mobile says it is the simcard. Problems continue to change and not to do.