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How to Properly Clean Debris from Tight Spaces

Hello all,

I'm posting in regards to properly cleaning my Galaxy phone (S10+) which I know has been covered over and over but my question is a bit more unique and specific so I have been unable to retrieve a definitive answer.

The rear camera has extremely slim crevices around the edges that have collected debris that I'm unable to be reach with a thin toothpick and I'm not interested in using a needle and scratching it. Dust and debris reside between the screen and the outer body as well.

I had heard that maybe a toothbrush for sensitive teeth may be able to do the trick? My worry is that with how sensitive this new Gorilla Glass is I might end up damaging the glass in the process even with a light brushing to remove the grit. I am unable to post pictures but my question should hopefully be able to be answered without photo evidence.

Thanks in advance!


Re: How to Properly Clean Debris from Tight Spaces

Any ideas guys?