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How to revert One Ui update

(Topic created on: 2/28/21 1:28 AM)
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I do not care if it voids my warranty


My phone isn't functioning right anymore, it ignores swipe gestures across the screen it doesn't accept certain inputs unless I'm more slow and deliberate than I used to need to be.


On top of that the new UI is ugly as all get outs.  The lock screen is raised up so I can't input my pin one handed anymore (I grip the bottom third of the phone only).  Split Screen apps are more annoying to use.  It's a terrible update and I want it gone!

I have an s10, I'm either out of the warranty period or about to be so I do not care if it voids the warranty.  How do I revert to the previous version of One Ui

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If your phone is unlocked, you can try flashing it to a previous firmware. Keyword is TRY as it may not let you because what you have is more current patch. You can also use Samsung smart switch to see if it allows you to roll back. However, a lot of the UI changes can be mitigated by using a 3rd party launcher of your choice. Nova is a name I have seen here but I use Microsoft Launcher.
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Thank you!!