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How to set default media output?

(Topic created: 09-10-2022 12:15 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

My wife is watching a series of facebook live broadcasts.  I have the phone plugged into a puck so that the big screen tv shows dex.  Then she launches Facebook and navigates to the broadcast event.  When she starts that video, the phone speaker is producing the sound output.  She then has to go to the Media Output and select the display audio.  Then she watches her show and hears it from the audio system.

Then after some time, the event is finished and she turns everything off.  The remote will turn off the TV, XBox, AVR, but can't turn off the phone.  At the next scheduled event, she has to repeat the process to set it up. 

And the annoying part is having to go over to where the phone is and bring down the media output menu again and select the display audio again.

Is there some way to have the phone STAY on display audio?  I presume when the TV goes off, it signals it to the puck through hdmi and the phone switches back to its own audio.  That last step is what I would like to be able to stop (without leaving all the devices on all the time).

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