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How to wipe the Cache Partition on your phone or tablet

Deleting Cache partition will not erase any personal data or settings on the device, just the temporary cache files.

Clearing cache partition is a good maintenance tool. At least you should do it after finishing a System update or every once in a while in troubleshooting issues.  


Clearing using Recovery Mode

How to enter Recovery Mode on your device:

  1. Turn your device off
  2. Hold the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons.  Let go of the buttons when you see an Android on screen. 
  3. The device will load in Recovery mode. From this mode, you can select the option to clear the system cache.
  4. Use the volume buttons to navigate through the options carefully. Select ‘Wipe Cache Partition’. 
  5. Click the power button to execute the action.
    Be careful NOT to select the ‘Wipe Data’ option, as this will cause your phone to reset to factory defaults and wipes your personal data on the phone.
  6. Wait for the script to finish (takes a few seconds)
  7. Select Reboot and press power button to execute. 

Clearing using Settings

  1. Go to Settings, tap Storage, and you’ll be able to see just how much space is being used by the partition under Cached Data.
  2. To delete the data: Tap Cached Data, and tap Okay if there’s a confirmation box.

Superman on Galaxy S7 SM-G930T, T-Mobile, Baseband:G930TUVY3APIA
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