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I have to UNINSTSALL the Google Update 2-3 time a DAY to get Voice to Text to work

(Topic created: 07-07-2021 11:42 AM)
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On my Galaxy S9 I compose 90% of my texts by clicking the speaker icon and speaking my message for which Google turns it into text. Recently the color of the Voice Button (microphone icon) has changed from Green to Blue.

Whatever version is associated with the blue color button has TERRIBLE accuracy. Typos everywhere and you can't click a misspelled or mis-typed word to use the correct suggestion, if that makes sense.

I searched online and the fix is to go to Settings -> Apps -> GOOGLE, then click the upper right and uninstall updates. You get a message about it resetting to the factory version, which is good. Once you do this the Voice button goes back to the previous green version and is infinitely more accurate.

The problem is... for no reason whatsoever (even if I don't touch my phone) at some random interval, the voice button will be the new poor blue button version again. This happens 1-5 times a day. I literally have to uninstall the update 20 times a week.

I've made sure to go into the Google App and Google Voice settings and make sure that Auto-Update is turned OFF.  No matter what, this still updates itself every few hours.

Correct Green color button version 


Super Villain Blue color updated version


Clicking this changes it from Blue to Green


Confirmed Auto-Updates for the app are off


Does anyone have ANY idea why? It's driving me crazy.
I'll buy ya a pizza if you can fix this for me 😄

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Samsung Moderator
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Thank you for reaching out. I certainly understand how frustrating this must be. As this is a Google software-based feature, I would recommend reaching out to Google directly for further assistance.

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I have the same problem on a Samsung Galaxy S10e.  Disabling the Play Store App  finally fixed the issue (in addition to uninstalling updates to the Google App and Play Store App).  This is not an ideal solution . . . If you've found a better solution, please let everyone know.  

It seems like this problem should be occurring on all Android phones running v11, but as far as I can tell, the issue only presents itself on Samsung phones.  This is my first Samsung phone - which I've had for a week.  This is a very inconvenient problem to have on an otherwise excellent product.