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I should have full control over my device brightness if I paid for it

(Topic created: 03-07-2024 11:53 PM)
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I dont like that samsung limits the manual brightness of a phone i purchased. Its my phone and i should be able to do what i want with it.

The only risk that comes with high brightness is burn-in and increased battery usage. They could provide an option under developer settings to unlock the full range while voiding warranty only for display burn in and i would accept that. The only other method is rooting which voids the whole warranty and makes the phone more vulnerable to malware and disallows the use of banking apps and i hate that.

"Do you want to scorch your eyes at home?"

No, I will give you a few possible scenarios:

1- Playing geforce now games on my phone. Its true that i wouldnt need such brightness but making the display super bright and increasing the gamma creates a sort of HDR effect which really enhances the visual experience.

2- Consuming dark content in a semi bright environment. Could be a horror game or movie and we all know they are difficult to see in bright environments. Especially in these situations i find the brightness adjustment lackluster.

3- Sitting under a shade outside on a very sunny day. This has improved a lot throughout the years but the ambient brightness in shade varies a lot. You can have very bright surrondings but because you are under a tree shade/shade in balcony, phone only partially boosts brightness making it not that great for viewing.

All in all, i really wish there was a way to gain full control of the device i own. Even if it means voiding burn-in side of the warranty.

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Galaxy S Phones

What is your device? Have you tried to turn off Adaptative Brightness? This will make that the Brightness of your screen doesn't change unless you decide to increase/decrease it.

You can find this option on Settings>Display>Turn off Adaptative Brightness.