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Invisible home bar buttons when playing full-screen games

(Topic created on: 2/27/21 12:09 AM)
Galaxy S Phones

This is starting to annoy me.

I upgraded my Samsung S10+ phone to One UI 3.0 and while the interface is much smoother, and the video ringtone was a really good addition, there is one very inexplicable addition that really annoys me.

When playing a full screen game sometimes the home button bar commands can be activated without the home bar actually becoming visible. This is very annoying considering full screen games can have important commands in the position where the navigation buttons are and the navigation buttons can cover these commands even when they are deactivated in Game Mode.

I am not entirely sure if it is a glitch or it is an intentional addition. Either way, I doubt anyone asked for this and it should be removed.

Video of this glitch/error: https://youtu.be/QM1yUpl5wrA

This is annoying as hell considering that to switch subunits in this game the button to switch left is on the same position as the home button, and if you de...
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Galaxy S Phones
yeah this has been really annoying I agree