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Issue with camera (s9+)

(Topic created: 10-13-2021 02:13 AM)
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This just started last night, at least thats when I noticed it. I have a nightlight in my bathroom, and it creates a really cool lighting environment to take selfies that casts shadows across my face and occasionally I'll go in there to take selfies when I desire to achieve this effect. 

Its hard to really explain it perfectly but its Really Cool. Its the night light in my bathroom, it just creates a really cool dim environment where you can still see my face but the shadows are really dark.

Last night I went in there and turned my camera on and then noticed a massage pop up on the actual camera screen, I didn't read it all before it disappeared but it said something about "night" or "night mode" or something like that. But now every picture I take in there has some form of "night mode" applied to it. There are no shadows on my face. 

I don't know how to turn this off. 

I looked everywhere. And the most frustrating thing for me is, this phone's camera HAS a night mode if I wished to activate it. Under the "more" section where you find slo-mo and other special modes, there is a night mode right there! Why would I need it to automatically apply to my Regular camera??

Even when I go to other apps like SnapChat, it applies this "night mode". It looked like a normal shot on the screen but, after I took the picture and posted it to my story, you could see my entire face clearly, no shadows like I wanted. It wasn't a big deal cause I've posted my face in day lighting plenty of times but its just annoying and frustrating. I'm not a professional photographer so I don't know how to change the Pro settings to achieve the look I want, plus it seems like Pro mode only works on the back facing camera.
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Look for scene optimizer
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So this night mode is applied to any and all picture? no matter where you take the picture (ex. outside in the daylight, inside brightly lit like the Walmart or other groceries)?

Have you checked to see if there is an update for the Camera?

In the Camera settings, go to "Contact Us" and submit an error report after reproducing the issue (attempting to take some pictures without night mode applied).

Take the phone to UBreakIFix for a camera module checkup, maybe part of the camera is malfunctioning that is preventing sufficient amount of light reaching the sensor properly... so the camera thinks it's too dim and applies night mode at all times (just a guess).