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Keeping my S10+ with Cracked Screen

(Topic created: 10-10-2021 10:16 PM)
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I just spent 2 days researching how to upgrade my s10+ to a s21+.

My screen is cracked and my rear wide-angle lens is blurry.  I have over 300GB of data on my device.

My conclusion... The storage options available by the s21+ are substandard and will not meet my needs and that this is a bigger problem for me than my cracked screen and defunct wide-angle lens. The s21+ is not an option.

I researched getting the s21 Ultra with 512GB, but there are none to be found. Even the s21+ with 256GB is a rare commodity.

Since most of my data is photos and videos I researched the cloud options for the S-series phones.  It seems that Samsung is teaming up with Microsoft to integrate the sync. for the Gallery App. As an owner of Microsoft 365  with 1TB of storage available to me, I was excited at this feature. That is until I tried to use it. 

First off, the Gallery app will not sync. my existing photos that are on my current SD card.  Secondly - the functionality seems a bit clunky and I am nervous that I may accidentally delete my photos if I try to sync. to my cloud storage and then attempt to free up device space so I can actually "upgrade" to a 256GB S21+ using Smart Switch.

So I will keep my s10+ with my cracked screen and blurry wide-angle lens and hope that the S22+ - which is due to release sometime in the near future - will offer better storage solutions.

Why offer a phone with all these high-powered video and photo capabilities when you cannot offer a reasonable storage option for said content?

My hopes and wishes are in the following order:

1. The S22 line brings back the SD slot.

2. If not, offer 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB options.

3. If not, improve the cloud sync. and storage integration and UX so I can seamlessly and reliably use that option for media storage.

4. If not, I hope I can find another phone that would offer one of the previous 3 options.



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Screens are about 200 for a repair and a youtube video will show you how to do it. It's a little tedious but far easier than repairing an iPhone.
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Have you considered the Note 20? I had the Note 8 when I switched to the Note 20 last October & I have over 9k images saved to my new phone & close to that when I switched Everything over. & that's not even counting my videos & Everything else. I have pics on here all the way back from when my 1st granddaughter was born in 2011.
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There is a 1TB version of S10 plus with ceramic back