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Larger Phones & Narrowing Versatility

(Topic created: 06-17-2021 09:04 AM)
Galaxy S Phones

Greetings all,

               Is anyone else seeing an unfortunate trend in the Galaxy line up!? I am seeing larger and larger phones with more limited capabilities geared towards making the day to day user more reliant on cloud-based technologies and proprietary software. While Samsung is not alone in this. I have always loved the Galaxy family for being versatile in conjunction with an Android based operating system. So here is my lament and hopes that it makes its was to R&D for future generations.

               I have been a long-time fan of Samsung and the Galaxy cellular line up. I typically tend to hold on to my phone longer than the average person. With a three to five year turn over. While consumerism and the capital machine prefer a more steadfast approach. Regardless I wanted to check out the new Galaxy line up.

I was surprised to see the line up only going bigger while so many people aren’t a big fan of lugging around a huge phone. Even juggernauts like Apple has listened to the masses and seen the financial benefit of offering more moderately sized phones. I am hoping in the future there are some power packed Galaxy phone offering a smaller body size. This coupled with the fact that there is no option to expand memory is astounding. I am well aware that folks like Apple, Google and Samsung are trying to steer folks into cloud-based technology. While it is a promising route. There are however many instances where one need three hundred plus gigabytes of storage on the day to day. Working on remote regions where cellular service is spotty. Using the phone in a tech driven environment.

 I remember when you folks did this a few years back for a Galaxy model and it was not received so well. My hopes are that this option is added back instead of strong-arming people into using proprietary cloud-based technology. The versatility and customization of the Galaxy and Android operating system are the reason why I have been such a fan for so long. While I will remain a loyal customer at this point, I will hold on to my S10e for now and keep my S7 as a back up. If the trend continues into larger phones and more linear engineering parameters then it would be unfortunate. I hope this does not fall on def ears. Thank you for your time.


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