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Lost home screen Icons after update - PREVENTION

(Topic created on: 5/12/21 4:21 AM)
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I've had my S8 plus for several years. After every system update there would always be a few icons and short cuts removed from the Home screen. 

I usually just take a screenshot of each homescreen page and work to replace the icons after the update. 

Yesterday I received another update notification.  I asked a Verizon sales representative at the local store about this and he suggested I try activating the Lock Home Screen Layout feature in the settings.  Well, it worked.  This morning I completed the update and didn't lose anything.   

System - Display - Home Screen - Lock Home Screen Layout 

The only drawback to this is, it disables the Add Apps to the Home Screen feature which you will not be able to add apps automatically to the Home screen when they're first downloaded from the Play Store.  

Simply unlock the Home Screen Layout feature after the update and you'll be able to reactivate that feature.   

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Thank you for sharing