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Low Call Audio on my Samsung Galaxy S10



Would you please help me on my current issue.


I am experiencing low call audio after the system update.


I already did all the troubleshooting method found on the web but to still no avail.


I already soft reboot and clear the cahe on my phone but still nothing has changed.


Hopefully you can help me resolved as soon as possible.


Thank you!

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Low Call Audio on my Samsung Galaxy S10

There are a few things that can cause issues with the speaker while you are on call or listening to audio playback through your Galaxy phone. For example, there could be an external device where the audio is being redirected. It's also possible that a software problem or physical damage is causing the issue. Give this link a try:


If you have tried the troubleshooting step provided and are still experiencing these symptoms, I would recommend a service repair. Can you please provide me with the following information in a private message:


Full Name:
Street address:
Email Address:
Best Contact Number:
Alternate Telephone Number: (If Available)
Model Code:
Serial/IMEI Number:

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