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My S7 cannot connect to PC to transfer files

I have a Galaxy S7. I was able to connect it to my PC and backed up my pictures a few months back. I have not made any change to my PC since then. Now, I cannot do the same any more. I am sure it is not the problem of my PC or the cable since I verified them all. The only problem is S7 now. I did have a few phone updates during this period. It used to show up a prompt asking me whether I want to charge or transfer files when I connected the USB cable to the port. But now it simply shows the phone is being charged and suggests to use the original cable and charger to make charging faster. 


I tried many suggestions and none of them worked. I tried one at a time and check if not work continued to the next. Here they are:

1. I changed power saving mode to normal. I changed to allow all apps to make notifications. I turned phone off/on many times.

2. I changed to safe mode/restart the phone, and also changed back to regular mode. 

3. I turned on the "developer option" and then turned on "USB debugging". Also tried to change "USB configuration" to "MTP", actually also to other options and then back to "MTP". 

4. I went to System Apps and "Force Stop" the "USB Settings", "MTP Application", and "MTP Host". I also did "Clear Data" on them and restarted the phone. 

5. I also downloaded the Samsung driver from its site onto my PC  again. 


None of them has made any difference. When I plugged in the USB cable, while the other end connected to my PC USB port, it always shown the phone is being charged and told me I could get it charged faster. It never gives me a chance to choose to connect to transfer files as it used to be. Also, nothing is detected by my PC (I tried 3 different computers, Windows 10) on the connection. Usually when some external USB disk is connected, it will prompt on what I want to do. Actually, I tried disconnecting/reconnecting an external disk on that port and worked all fine. 


Can anyone help me on how to get it work? My SD card is almost full. I would like to back up those photos. But when I put the card into my computer it could not recognize and suggest me to format it. I had to connect to my PC with the USB port to do back up and it worked fine before. But not working now. 




Re: My S7 cannot connect to PC to transfer files

did you change the cable out?