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My advice to Samsung : How Samsung can Increase their Profits by Tens Of Billions of Dollars!


Ice universe
"Recommend to give Samsung the “Best selfless dedication award” It gave UFS3.0 to OnePlus Give the 90Hz 2K screen to OnePlus Give the waterfall screen to Huawei, Give 64MP to Redmi, realme Give 108MP to Xiaomi But the Note10 uses a 12MP, FHD screen. What a great dedication!"
This got me thinking, why isn't Samsung using all of this innovative tech in their own devices? They gave away all that good stuff instead of investing in themselves. Was it a change of philosophy where Samsung doesn't wanna invest their own innovations in their own phones to make them like an IPhone, with no innovation? If so, Samsung is letting those cheap Chinese Knockoff companies take more market share. Apple was already brought down by Huawei and Oppo, I don't want the same to happen to Samsung. Please invest your own tech in yourselves instead of giving away all your good stuff, you're giving the enemy the advantage. You are making people buy those phones thinking that they are a better deal with better features and specs, you are losing an opportunity to trap them in your ecosystem, so that they end up buying a Samsung Watch or Watch Active, Galaxy Buds, a Samsung TV, Bixby Home, a Samsung Fridge, a Samsung Tab S6, the Galaxy Book S. If they were to get a Samsung phone rather than a Chinese phone, more people would buy your other products for seamless connections. Also, even with the increased innovation, you should try to reduce your profit margins, to increase profit. I understand it's a premium phone, but if you're competing against Oneplus with similar Specs, but it's 300 dollars less, people will buy the Oneplus instead. So try to make let's say the S11 at 750 to 800 dollars and the S11 plus at 900 dollars, because people want Samsung phones, but can't afford them. Also, even though they are spending less money on the phone, once in the ecosystem, they will start buying other things in that ecosystem, so your profits will actually increase. There's a saying that you have to spend money to make money, and it's very true. If your goal is only to make money you will fail. There are many examples of this, namely Sears and Apple. They focused on only making money and forgot about either innovation and value for money, or quality control. Samsung phone sales are declining. The biggest reason is cheaper competition. Also, the rapid devaluation of Samsung Phones doesn't make people wanna buy them. So it's best to start low and keep it consistent, than start high and crash in price. That is also another reason why people don't buy Samsung phones. In my opinion, the best actual price for the S11 would be a base of 650 to 700 dollars, and the plus at 750 to 800 dollars that would increase sales rapidly, while reducing profit margin by 200 dollars. And if you incorporate better tech and more innovative tech than your competitors, you would crush every other company's market share, so you would probably grow an estimated 5 to 10% of the market share, pushing out Oppo and Oneplus. You would actually increase in profit by reducing your profit margins. Firstly, more people would pay for your phones, increasing revenue by a couple billion dollars. Also, your stock price would skyrocket, due to investors seeing a large amount of sales figures, which would potentially raise tens of billions of dollars. Thirdly, you would get millions more people into your ecosystems which would help boost sales of all products further increasing all profits! The increased profits and sales, would further increase investments and your stock price would boom again. You would start to dominate even more parts of the smart watch market, the wireless earbuds market, tv market, smart home market. You could become the most powerful and own majority of all tech in the world. Just if you start focusing on the prices of your products, premium does not always mean expensive.