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Native Screen Recording

When can we expect Native Resolution Screen Recording functionality to be built into the next OS updates for the S8, S8+, S9, S9+, the Note Series and etc -- OnePlus has now officially launched it on phones that are almost 3 years old now...and I'm still waiting for it. It was launched as an iOS feature almost 3 years ago, also, so what gives? Why wouldn't Samsung want their phones to have as much functionality as possible?

Patiently waiting, or was, until a 3 year old OnePlus phone got a feature I've been waiting for since I left the iPhone ecosystem. I guess I either need to go back to iPhone or swap maybe to OnePlus to get the features I need, natively.

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Native Screen Recording

If Samsung's Game Launcher is on your device you have screen recording. It isn't just for games. 


Open Game Launcher. Not sure what phone you have but on the S10+, swipe up from the bottom to see the games that are listed in Game Launcher. Click the 3 dot menu. Click Add apps. Now add any apps that you want to be recorded. 


Now when you launch that app, pull down the notification bar and you will see "Tap to show Game Tools". There will be a button you click to record the screen. 


For Screen Recording and other features to be enabled the...

For Screen Recording and other features to be enabled there is a app by Samsung Called Good Lock install it and you can enable other features that are lacking in Android pie.


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