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Need to download Nougat on my brand new S7

I had a reconditioned S6 from Amazon which came with Nougat.  I just purchased a brand new S7 from Amazon and was surprised that it came with only Marshmallow. (I guess whoever reconditioned the S6 at Amazon downloaded Nougat).  Anyway, there is no option to download/update... when I click on "Check for System Updates," it says that everything is up to date. Frustrating!  I found a good tutorial that shows how to flash to an SD card, but I must install the correct firmware on my phone's SD card first... and this is where I am having a problem:  I cannot find Nougat Firmware for my S7....every file I've seen seems to only link that to an S8 or above.  Can you please advise?  Thank you!  

p.s. The tutorial I am using is this:   (I am stopping at Nougat, not going to Oreo)  I also found tutorial, but it seems tricky to me.