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This is my first ever Samsung galaxy. Well...I had one for 3 days one time and it was stolen. I never knew the first thing about it, I'm a hands on learner.

My last phone I had the past 4 yrs Huawei's Assend h1611 . I really liked it. Definitely got money's worth out of it. About 6 months ago I was going to purchase a galaxy note 9 I think, but ended up chickening I am not very phone literate I can call, text, some Facebook, beyond that I just learn as I go. I sold my Huawei to a friend that was dying for it. Maybe he can clean it up and it will be like new. I couldn't do anything with. I even factor reset it. It would not free up memory no matter how much I deleted number never changed but wouldn'tmallow me to

Put anything back on. Currently this is a (J3) loaner. Just keeping my eyes open for "the one" .


Re: Newcomer

I also have a J3 I've had it for only about two months but as far as I can tell it's a good phone it isn't the fastest but it's really good for the price and does everything you would need, calls and texts, (Obviously) Facebook, and playes games well as long as they aren't too much graphically.