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No text notification sound when Messages conversation is open

(Topic created: 11-22-2021 03:00 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

Samsung Messages Version, Galaxy S10+

If I start a text message conversation with someone using Samsung Messages I notice there aren't any audio notifications for subsequent texts in that same conversation.

To be clear, I do get an audio notification for the initial text that began the conversation, and I do get audio notifications for other texts outside of the conversation.

In other words, texts that pop up on an open conversation do not have an audio notification, while all other texts do

I'm wondering if this app was designed with the assumption I'm going to sit there staring at the Samsung Messages screen waiting for a response in a text conversation? 

If so, that is the STUPIDEST design flaw of all time.  PLEASE tell me this is a setting of some type that I can change.  I can't find it. 

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