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No updates for Galaxy S10 since May 2022

(Topic created: 08-08-2022 10:12 AM)
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for a Galaxy 10e bought in May 2019, updates are being received every month.

However for my Galaxy S10 bought in Dec. 2020, the last updated was received in May, 2022.

How come the difference?

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Well is youre s10e still receiving monthly updates? What happens is that as the phones get older samsung then stops sending updates monthly to the older phones and tskes longer.
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Interesting that your S10E is still receiving monthly updates as this phone is now on quarterly updates with last release in April 2022.
As the S10's are approaching "end of life" they will go biannual in 2023.
I have however noticed that Verizon released an update in June 2022 per Samfrew for this phone.
A good place to check for what latest updates have been released for each Samsung phone you can check the website www.samfrew.com.
Best of luck and I hope this was helpful.
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TMobile, Verizon released June Uodate for s10 plus, and some European countries received July updates for s10 series.
But , in US, i have s10 plus unlocked ( it is directly from Samsung ) and Samsung did not release.any update since May 2022.
Dont tell me it depends of Carriers.
My phone unlocked , it mean is that i can go any carrier. So, fhe updates comes from Samsung.
Question is whiile US carriers and some European countries released June and July 2022 updates for s10 series, why Samsung is not releasing same updates for Unlocked S10 series in US ?
My software version : G975U1UEU6IVD2 ( unlocked s10 plus, April Update )
But , TMobile : G975USQU6IVE5 ( Carrier model, s10 plus , May update )
As you can see Carrier has newer version.
If carrier newer version, why not Samsung Unlocked older version ?
Carrier gets the update packages from Manufacturers.