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ONE UI 3 Task Switcher Stability

(Topic created on: 1/19/21 6:14 PM)
Cosmic Ray
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I have the s20 FE unlocked and just updated my phone to android 11. 

I have one issue that has persisted since android 10...
The default task switcher sometimes fails to maintain images (sort of screenshots) of currently running apps. Sometimes they turn grey or I get a quick image of the app logo before the app opens (EVEN WHEN LOCKING APPS IN MEMORY).

Is this normal? For a phone running at 120Hz you notice every studder in animations and this is the reason I am an avid goodlock user. I am pretty disappointed as I was hoping this issue would be resolved with a new update.

(Kinda Related) I also can't get over how "reduce animations: was removed. I am debating turning animations completely off but the stability of the task switcher is just as cruddy.

I am currently using one hand operation plus to completely bypass the default task switcher for the one it provides.
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Galaxy S Phones
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