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Once Leader Of Innovation

(Topic created on: 1/14/21 9:44 PM)
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Dear Samsung,

You always say that you are the leaders of innovation. This may still be true in some aspects. But you are quick to discard some innovations that were exceptionally useful. Selective Focus, (which by now could have been integrated into Live Focus Mode. But you've already changed that name to that of your competition's :face_with_rolling_eyes:) the ability to allow the user to teach Bixby when it performs incorrectly, MST was removed from the Galaxy watches, and now you've removed MST from the latest smartphones! 

These features just added to the arsenal of features that set you apart from other Android OEMs and Apple. But over the years it seems like you're almost removing as many features as you're adding. I'm worried that you're going to remove so many features that the only differentiator between your phones and any other would be the style of the icons. :pensive_face:

I wish I knew of a better place to reach the eyes of DJ Koh and TM Roh, but this is best place I can think of aside from ranting on Twitter. Samsung, please say you're perfecting the features you've removed and that you're going to bring them back and no longer remove great features?
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Galaxy S Phones

I still have the galaxy s3 frontier watch since it was the last watch to have mst, now the note 20 ultra will be my last samsung phone if they don't add mst back!!