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One UI Suggestions

I can honestly say, despite being All Things Apple since iPhone 4, Samsung has the best investment in hardware development. Sure, Apple can sneak in a few advanced upgrades like iPad Pro body design, integrable services like Apple Music, Apple TV+, and so on, but without complementing hardware, it seems like a drag. (Sorry for the long sentence) As an Apple user, I live for OCD perfection in my daily routines. Anything from the Home Bar to the Home App. 


With Apple making redundant hardware, my urge for hardware advancement spikes more day after day. Samsung has the hardware I want. What they lack is the OCD perfection I need... One UI is a tremendous step into making Samsung a new home for iPhone users. viewing the differences in One UI and even iOS is enough to make me want to switch. Not only did Samsung listen to public complaints of Android's lack of a clean OS, they specifically developed a launcher on their own Android updates for their devices. 

However, iPhone users need consistent flows throughout the OS, not just mainstream roadways. I just purchased the Galaxy S20 Ultra. I have already submitted for a return because there are some things I simply can't handle on a daily standpoint. Hopefully, I can watch these suggestions unfold inside the One UI updates as time progresses. 


Camera cutout:


I love the almost notch-less design. It's beautiful and let's face it, it's the way the world is heading to. My OCD can't handle when apps do not properly fill in the space around the cutout. Despite using Samsung's "full screen" option, it does not work actually. Out of the 7 apps I used it against them, nothing changed. Seeing that Android 11 brings better support for cutout and waterfalls, maybe this will change.


Navigation Bar:


This brought memories from Apple's Home Bar. Love it. However, in apps, the Navigation Bar is greeted by a random ugly white or faded bar UNDERNEATH the Navigation Bar which my OCD notices that it pushes up on apps so that it is visible. That is an iPhone user eyer-sore. I had to use the actual Navigation Bar and teach it to hide itself when loaded into apps but then that takes away for the Home Bar experience that I have with Apple where I can just swipe up to go home. 



Samsung has made a tremendous step in fixing the update Android problem and I applaud you for it. The only issue iPhone users have adjusting to it is inconsistent layouts of notifications. Different apps can have a sort of different notification approach and for us, it throws off our OCD. Apple fixed our problem with Grouping Notifications. However, I don't even think Samsung needs "Grouping" but maybe an extreme depth connection with notifications in general. Example:


Discord is a massive S.P.A.M notification nightmare. If Samsung could provide a more integrated way for apps to use Samsung's notification API or whatever to where I can go to my settings on the phone and say, "I want notifications from this server, but not this server." Mute this server for 24 hours or even Do Not Disturb this server. Same with Facebook. Going into settings and telling Samsung I don't Watch Videos notifications rather than telling the Facebook app directly. I'm rambling at this point but I think Samsung could master notifications in their own way. 


Samsung Music:


Boy oh boy, you almost had me at this UI. I had only one song in Samsung Music. I played it and immediately locked my screen. I loved the interface for Samsung Music. Sadly, I have no way of putting Google Music, Amazon Music, Microsoft Music, or Apple Music onto this app. I do not store music as my taste is ever-changing. I religiously use a streaming service but against Spotify and Pandora for my own reasons. If Samsung can provide this as a DEFAULT music player for all sources and not just their own app, this could be enough for me. I use Apple Music and with Play Music being pushed into YouTube Music, most likely will never leave Apple Music at this point. But if Samsung could provide that beautiful Samsung Music lockscreen for all media playbacks, I can easily be persuaded. Realistically, Apple will not provide a beautiful experience because they want users to go to iPhone so this is where Samsung would need to provide a change for iPhone users. 


Pop-up Alert:


This was a great investment for Samsung to change in One UI. I love it, it's nearly 100% consistent and it matches the Samsung style. No complaints.




The full-screen camera mode is something that required me to jailbreak my iPhone to get. Please do not remove this option. The assist on the perfect angle picture is brilliant. Love it. 




The "places" feature is something I didn't know I needed. Do not remove this! Smiley Happy



Could use a "Samsung" touch up. Check external apps and see if inspiration can spark. By no means has an effect directly on iPhone users, it's visually an upgrade regardless.


Samsung Home:


The home application for all things smart should be integrated somewhere like how Google is implementing in Android 11. Widgets isn't considered integration. I feel Samsung Pay could have space for it. Home should be something to quickly get in and get out. I can trigger Samsung Pay with two clicks of the side key. What better way to access even more personal connections like smart cameras than 2 clicks of a side key. 


Phone App (again)


Find.. A.. Way.. To.. Integrate.. Call Screen.. From.. Google..


I know Google is cautiously supplying this app outside of Pixel. The real-time transcript is unbeatable for users that receive 10+ calls a day. (That's me) Being able to swiftly embed this feature into your own app by code or simply buying access to it would make your Phone App unmatchable for years. (Understandably this may never be a thing)




Based on the style in other Samsung Apps, this one seems way off balance. I love the design but it's missing something somewhere. Love the stickers though. Smiley Happy


App Drawer:


My ONLY request is to embed the keyboard to auto-populate when I trigger App Drawer. I constantly use spotlight on iPhone and the keyboard is always present when I trigger it. If you can embed the keyboard to appear when I trigger App Drawer, this would give peace to iPhone users. 




This is by far something the best "app". I would love to see what other perfections you or whomever could add to this. 


Samsung Daily:


I mean this with respect... Please eliminate. Orrr please provide customizations to it. It's an eye-sore but God I love what you are trying to envision. The concept is better than Google Feed but Samsung has a track record of providing "unfinished" visions to customers. This is one of them. It doesn't even provide full screen, let alone support Light/Dark Mode. Just Dark Mode. Pure black dark mode. Its ugly. The card styles are great.  The information pulling is trash. Netflix would never update despite being logged in. Just personalize it. Don't have every supported app that generates the same card style. Mix it up. The different article styles in Apple News attracts me there. "Samsung Daily" should be "Samsung News" something more 2020. 


I'm truly not trying to change everything. This is from a trapped iPhone user that wants out. I can easily continue on and make a book but I'm simply trying to create a road for Samsung and some of the suggestions could possibly help. Smiley Sad Smiley Happy


PS: I will be frequently editing as I am noticing grammar errors. Smiley Tongue