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One hand operations+ breaks with keyboard open

(Topic created on: 1/20/21 11:40 PM)
Galaxy S Phones
The new 2021 Goodlock update, aside from barely being an actual update, appears to have broken the way the one hand gestures work with the keyboard open. When before there was an option to keep the handles stationary when the keyboard is open, now the handles always move up. This is a problem because I use the edge gesture primarily for a back button but because of this new update:
-it violates OneUI's own guidelines by forcing me to move my thumb higher up the screen, rather than lower, in order to use back when the keyboard is up
-it causes the handle to overlap with the handle for the edge panels
-it forces me to remember two separate back locations for two distinct scenarios because it is now inconsistent
-there is now no single gesture means to dismiss the keyboard
-Because I can't configure the location of the handle when the keyboard is open there's now an unavoidable dead space between my keyboard and the handle
And no, Google gestures won't work because the back gesture has the exact same problem. 
Please restore the option to keep the handles stationary as quickly as possible 
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Galaxy S Phones

i strongly agree. this setting was never an issue in my opinion. it was always an option to toggle it on and off if needed. so why remove it completely for people who were actually using this feature and forcing to adapt.