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One ui 3 fm radio

(Topic created on: 5/7/21 7:46 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

The FM radio chip is no longer accessible on the S10.

This is ridiculous. It's come to the point where I'm actually nervous about updating every time because I'm afraid samsung has taken away more useful features. The radio feature of the s10 was a unique feature that not a lot of phones had. It was one of those "wow that is a cool thing I didn't know it had" features. And now it's gone. For literally no good reason at all. It just feels like every update is a downgrade and a loss of features with miniscule performance improvements that are hardly noticeable at all.

Up until the s10, samsung was fantastic. It seemed like it was really setting itself apart from the competition and had its own unique "samsung" experience. But now, it just feels like they're back to copying apple again and taking away features. They've even started to copy chinese companies with the ads in their stock apps. I really hope samsung changes. They should not be disabling perfectly good features of older phones just to entice you to buy the new ones. Or else people might start to catch on to samsung's plans and spend their money elsewhere....

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