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Onedrive screwed up my gallery

(Topic created: 04-23-2021 12:00 AM)
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So my gallery have been significantly altered because onedrive has changed and modified the dates of all my pictures screen shots and downloads so when I want to sent a recent picture I screen spotted lets say 2 days ago I cannot because as of writing this post my photos from 2017 was changed and altered to April 22,2021
And everything is out of order and very frustrating, is there anyway to fix this or will I need to delete everything and begin from scratch?

Onedrive also have my camera pictures and it shows the original dates but when I click on the photos icon on the task bar EVRYTHING is put of order and modified for April 22,2021
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Galaxy S Phones
When I take a screen shot, I have to go to the album to edit and send instead of seeing it immediately. It was working fine! Idk what happened :\