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Original LED case for Samsung S10 not working

(Topic created on: 3/9/21 9:50 AM)
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I bought an original LED case for my Samsung S10 phone.

I was very happy and I couldn't wait to try it. Unfortunately, when I put it on the phone, I couldn’t find in Accessories in the Settings, the App which tunes on the case. Therefore, the case doesn't show any indication and it doesn’t work. I searched the internet and saw on many people with the same problem. I read that as a result of your update, the software designed for this case no longer works.

I don't find normal, such a big company that care for its customers, especially in times of economic crisis, due to the pandemic of COVID-19,
to neglect your customers in such way and do nothing to fix this bug!

I would like to ask, when can I receive a software update or a new program which makes the LED case can work?

Best Regards,
Albena Assenova

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