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Past time to move on from Samsung...

(Topic created: 10-23-2021 02:25 AM)
Galaxy S Phones

Thank you for the past replies and thank you all for trying.  I don't care for a band-aid fix for the "Unable to attach pdf to text" and refuse a complicated and/or temporary work-around, forget it.  I refuse to add just another app to the phone to solve a problem which after 20 years of making cell phones, should not be a problem and we should not even have to talk about.  Anyhow, installing app takes valuable memory space for a poor workaround. 

In addition to this the Samsung phone is a constant problem.  Tethering?  You'd think that by 2021 this would standard and seamless, but not with the Samsung.  EVERY time I want to tether to my PC through corded USB, it's download the Samsung app again, reinstall, reboot PC, plug and unplug the USB cord, repeat the process, then repeat the process in another order, oh yeah I forgot I have to pray that it works.  Geez.

Then, things such as moving files off the phone through the USB port, something essential for keeping the phone memory from filling, with this phone just plain doesn't work with many pc's.  This has been a constant nightmare. 

Another issue, the phone has 2 dictionaries, you never know which one will come up, and 1 of them seems to be written or al least coded by an American, where word choices seem to make some sense, and another dictionary where it clearly has no relation to the english language. 

Another problem is the text auto insert. There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind words that the phone selects and inserts, but clearly the choices are made with no regard for our language. 

You know what, I could go on and other as there are other additional issues with the Samsung phone, but I'll stop.

I think Mr. Samsung needs to rethink his desire to be  phone business.  Clearly what he thinks is the best clearly is not the best, at least not outside Japan.  But for the rest of planet Earth, and certainly for me, the solution is another phone.

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