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Phone App contacts showing duplicates from other apps (Whatsapp, Skype etc.)

(Topic created on: 1/23/21 2:28 AM)
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Phone App contacts list shows duplicate entries for same contact in other apps' address books such as Skype, Whatsapp etc.pp..


Not acceptable "solutions":

1. Contacts App filter:

Yes, the Contacts App does have a filter and custom list feature. But those filters have zero effect on the contacts listed ín Phone App.

Would be great to have Contacts App featuers available in the Phone App and discard the Contacts App altogether but that is not (yet) the case.


2. Turn off contact syncinc in phone accounts settings:

Settings ->- Accounts and backup -> Accounts  will alow us to turn off contact syncing with the phone and this will prevent duplicates from being synced back from those apps into the phone contacts list.


At least WhatsApp and possible other apps ignore that setting by swithing it back on automatically after any contact was changed or added on the phone.


3. Merging contacs

Merging is a buggy process and will not flawlessly detect duplicates as well as merge contacts that are supppsed to be separated.


Any solutions to this issue or how to permanently stop WhatsApp from switching syncing back on?

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Galaxy S Phones
thanks for posting I have never had this many issues with contacts and showing duplicates as I've had now with Samsung it's a real problem!
I just sent a report on contacts myself.
my pixel would just automatically populate addresses to both would Samsung you have to sit there and type in Street city-states and zip separately, it's beyond me why it doesn't capture this automatically from Google search or Google Maps!