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Phone app - keep screen on

(Topic created on: 5/9/21 10:03 AM)
Galaxy S Phones
Please create am option for us to keep the phone screen on while using it. I am tired of it going dark. Please do something with that. I have to use a 3rd party app and I have to wake that up.  Samsung should give us the option to keep screem on while on a call or in the app. Why is it not an option? Also, when I go in, please give us the option of where we want this app to open. Always opens to old page and I have to back out.  Give option to open on main screen or where we want. Thx.
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Red Giant
Galaxy S Phones
Yeah I have a downloading app that will stop downloading when the screen turns off even though I have the network set to continue working when the screen turns off. It's a pain having to constantly tap the screen to keep it on. I understand it's a battery issue but it should also be up to the person who actually paid for the phone if they wish to keep the screen on for longer than 10 minutes or not.