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Phone crashed after September Security patch

On September 14th, my Samsung S7A was working with no issues.  I had always kept my phone in a protective case with a screen protector.  The phone looked brand new, with no cracks in the screen or damage to the housing whatsoever.  I was perfectly happy with my phone with no intention of replacing it anytime soon.  That night I plugged my phone in to charger.  The next morning (the 15th), I woke up and the phone wound not go past the boot up sequence.  I took it to my local cellphone provider’s store to get help.  They told me that I was the fifth person in that day, all who were Samsung phones user, and all with the same issue.  They checked their recorders and said that my phone had updated at 1am that morning.  This update crashed my phone and the phones of many other Samsung users.  While I understand that my phone was getting dated, Samsung needs to due a much better job of ensuring these patches are not crashing customer phones.  I had to buy a new phone that day and once again I chose to purchase a Samsung.  This could easily be consider racketeering on Samsung’s part.  I feel that Samsung should offer a rebate for their mistake in pushing this failed update.  Again, I was the fifth person at one store in one day.  This was a widespread problem.