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Phone stuck on bootloop and charging port is damaged

(Topic created: 07-08-2021 09:15 AM)
Galaxy S Phones

Yesterday I turned off my phone and turned on back (nothing fancy there I turned off and on). And guess what the phone is on bootloop! Okay any phone may have software issues... I immediately grabbed the cable and turned on PC to reinstall the stock ROM. And then  I realized data pins on my charging port are broken so it's not being detected by PC.  The phone charges but no file transfer with USB cable. I can accept everything until here I decided to order charging port but ON S10 SERIES IT'S SOLDERED INTO THE MOTHERBOARD! WHAT!? Never seen such on previous models even the newer ones S20 and S21. My warranty is over and your service  I have seen many S10s with charging port issue on internet. I'll never buy Samsung phones.

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