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Phone turns off (or restarts) by itself after security uptade


I have a Galaxy s9 Plus and for 2 years it's been still working perfectly untill 2 days ago.

I read about this problem in english and spanish Samsung forums and I could not find a propper solution but I realized it's a thing that a lot of people are getting and everywhere.

So the phone turns off by itself or sometimes it restarts but only when you lock it. If you are using apps like Spotify it doesn't. I tried al the possible solutions (even factory data reset) and the phone keeps restarting and shutting off until yesterday when I found that disabling the fingerprint stops it and it actually does. I went for the second time into the Samsung chat assistance and they even thought I was lying about it.

Anyways, I know there are a lot of closed subjects out there marked as "Solved", but disabling the fingerprint IS NOT a solution for this and as I read, many agree on this.

What does Samsung has to say about this?

Has anyone come with a new REAL solution?


For now I think I'll just wait until a new update comes and then try to activate it again, but as others say, I'm pretty sure it's a bug they create with this update..

Thank you all!