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Rec'd confirmation of promotional cracked repair, shop can't find claim

(Topic created: 05-26-2021 08:15 AM)
Galaxy S Phones

Booked an appointment through the first responder/medical staff promotional 49.99 cracked screen repair link on this website. Received an email confirming the appointment, branch location, and 49.99 price. Phone was dropped off at UBREAKIFIX (contracted Samsung repair shop confirmed on the appointment  setup page) on Monday 5/24.  

UBREAKIFIX initially said they couldn't find the claim but took my phone in. 

The next morning, I asked for status and they told me they're waiting for approval/lead/claim. 

Called Samsung and was informed that it is still being approved, confirmed I am eligible for the discount, told me that UBREAKIFIX just needs to complete a 'claims form,' and the ticket has been escalated as to why it wasn't approved yet. They recommended resubmitting/rescheduling but I am unable to do so because my phone is listed as having an active ticket. 

This morning (it's now Tuesday), I called UBREAKIFIX and they said they still can't find my claim. I called Samsung again and told them numerous times, after they asked me multiple times, the price i  was supposed to pay. They aren't sure why UBREAKIFIX can't find the claim. 

I have a screenshot showing that I am eligible and an email confirming my appointment, the price of 49.99, and the location of where the service will be. 

What more can I do? As a client, calling between two parties IN CONTRACT with one another, this is unfair. As a medical staff worker, this promotion is just causing me headaches. Had I known this to be the situation, I wouldn't have had it fixed. 

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