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Receiving calls and text on tablet

(Topic created: 05-12-2022 06:30 PM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S Phones
I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ phone and a S5e tablet. I learned about a year or so ago that At&t blocked the feature to make calls and text messages from a Samsung Tablet without purchasing another line creating a different number for your tablet. 

I believe there was a recent update for my S5e and S10+. I just decided to go into the settings on my tablet and finaggle with the text message app. It prompted me to link my phone. I didn't think it would work, but I did it anyways and this time IT WORKED! 

I am now able to call and text and tecrive both on my S5e! 

Has anyone else found this out for them?
Does anyone know why this was all of a sudden allowed? 
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Galaxy S Phones
Verizon blocks this function in my area and it is really annoying that I can't make calls or text with my samsung tablet and phone