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Recovering Deleted Photos?

I accidentally removed a lot of photos instead of uploading to Google today because there were 3 black photos and I forgot that I had marked all those other ones and hit delete and insteads of black photos All other were deleted.

Now this site wants money to retreive but I have to put my S5 in Debug Mode!

I wonder if they can also take all my info. out of my phone?
I disconnected the USB cable from my PC and uninstalled that program.

I Wished Samsung had their own program to undelete files instead of relying on Unknown sources.

Also Why Samsung is asking birth dates?? Are we going to get bombarded by ADs?

lol some place I just put 1950 as my Bday and now I get tons of SS retirement  and/or funeral ads...  Smiley Very Happy Hey I aint dead yet!