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S10+ (Unlocked) Recent Update Killed Text-to-speech Kindle

(Topic created on: 3/10/21 6:36 PM)
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So I have called and talked to tech support. Uninstaller Kindle, Reinstalled Kindle, adjusted settings all over the place but I can only get TalkBack to function and not the Text-to-Speech portion that is within the program. I have added voices and they function. So when I open Kindle, I can hear all the book control cues but it refuses to recognize the books. (YES the Kindle app defaults to allowing Text-to-Speech work for all but recent self published authors to be read). All the online support is from years ago. Tech support even sent me to media and the woman who answered my call in the Media group promptly and voraciously 'corrected my misconceptions and then left me with her interpretation that it had to be the Kindle App itself. 
People the night before the update I was HAPPILY Listening to a Kindle book, after update it failed to utter a written work. There is a difference between Text-to-Speech and TalkBack. TalkBack operates the general book controls and will read some stuff across my entire phone but it is the TTS that actually reads my books. This is the part not working. 
In the past I have had volume control settings making it hard to get TTS functioning well but this is not that. 
Anyone with the recent update also having TTS issues with the Kindle App (not using any of the readers but specifically a phone with an app)???
I sure wish I could uninstall the update and go back. Grrr.
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