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S10+ continuously turns off Bluetooth, wifi, and mobile internet.

(Topic created: 08-24-2021 12:34 AM)
Galaxy S Phones
Android 11 on a Galaxy S10 plus. For over 18 months I have been dealing with random shut down of Bluetooth, wifi, and mobile internet (radios) All simultaneously. I was told by ATT to just reboot the phone everyday. After rebooting many times daily, the problem persists. Sometimes, many times per hour, other days it won't do it at all. Some days it will reliably shut off above mentioned radios when I pick the phone up off the wireless charger. Other days it won't do it at all. This has been the worst phone I have ever owned, while also being an amazing phone. I hate it while respecting it at the same time. 

I am at my whits end. So tired of this. 
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