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S10e security update question

(Topic created: 06-05-2024 05:48 AM)
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I've read that Samsung is no longer supporting the Galaxy S10e phone with security updates.  I hate the idea of having to buy a new phone when my S10e works perfectly fine (plus it's a lot of money).  I have my phone protected with Macafee as well.  Is that good enough or do I really need to start looking for a new phone?

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I would think as long as you have some protection on your phone, it will be fine.  I know many people still even using S9s.  Your apps will work until they don't.  Most apps that require updated security patches are banking and finance apps.  However, when they no longer work, you will have to purchase a new device.  Mind you, you do not have to go with an S series flagship.  There are many A models that are less expensive and more up to date.  They don't have all the bells and whistles of the flagships, but if you don't use or need all those bells and whistles, why pay for them?  Look over the specs carefully and decide what you NEED and what you WANT and what you can live without.  You can either trade in your S10e or keep it as a backup device.  You have time to wait for a good carrier offer, a Black Friday Deal, Amazon deal or any other deal.