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S22 Ultra Notification Sound App SecSoundPicker

(Topic created: 06-22-2022 03:37 AM)
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I am going absolutely mental. I am trying to add some folders off ringtones I have my phone in internal storage, (i.e. "internal storage/Ringtones") but the default"secsoundpicker" does not show that folder when I select folders. And there is no way to not use "secsoundapp".

If I go to the app's settings page it has no default app choices set, you cannot remove it's permissions that's locked, clearing the app data and cache doesn't work.

Screenshot_20220622-203038_Permission controller.jpg

You cannot disable the app as you cannot even get into the sound choosing area and it does not allow you to choose any other app. See below.


Why has Samsung done this? You pay $2000 for a phone and you can't even choose what to use to select new ringtones anymore. You used to be able to use a file explorer app, that would show all folders.

If anyone has an S22 ultra and they know how to fix this please help me.


If someone from Samsung sees this please fix this please. Please for all that is good fix this. It used to be an option so that means somebody removed this for the Samsung Android.

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Cosmic Ray
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You have go through the phone app/ contacts and individually set ringtones.