S7 Active Swelling Batttery


S7 Active Swelling Batttery

Guess I'm one of the many others facing a S7 active with the battery swelling so bad it is seperating the rear case, you can see inside.  after getting the run-a-round on the phone with tech support, thier answer was there is no current recalls....hmmmm maybe there should be?

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Re: S7 Active Swelling Batttery

Hey, @user5DWdTKcF2a, we'll be happy to help you with this behavior. If you wouldn't mind reaching out to me in Private Message with your IMEI and Zip Code, I'll be happy to help.


You can find your IMEI in Settings > About Phone > Status > IMEI.


I would also recommend you reaching out to us at 1-800-726-7864 to find a solution. Thanks so much!

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